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Drummer DVDs
Find 100's of Drummer DVDs

Learn how to play drums through books and DVDs published by name drummers in the industry.
Pick up a drum lesson dvd or book with your favorite drummer. We've got tons of them.
You can even access free drum lessons online through our collection of organized lessons sites.



Cool Drum Stuff!

Pro Lessons are the key to getting good on the drums. The net is filled with paid lessons and free drum lessons and instruction. We've organized them to bring you both. Search this site for drum lesson dvds, latin drumming, and books on beginning drum beats. Learn how to set up drums and all about drum tuning, double bass drumming and rock drumming with your favorite drummer. Study beginner drum lessons and how to play cool drum beats with drum fills incorporating latin drumming, drum tabs, drum grooves and even how to play a drum solo. This is the place that's all about drums, drummers, and percussion. Learn how to get good. Learn to play drums at DrumLessons.org!


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If you're looking for drum instruction, you've found the right place! Find free as well
as paid online drummer lessons and instruction for every drumming subject there is.

Drum Bum

Want to chat about lessons for free? Visit DrumChat Drum Forum and meet other drummers.
Get help with your drumming, talk drums, how to tune drums, how to play beginner to advanced drums, double bass drumming, drum rudiments, and more! And now Drum Chat features free drum lessons videos. Also, check out our new drum guide for beginner drum lessons, drum tuning, beginner lessons covering snare, fills and reading music. More free drum lessons at drums lesson database. And if that's not everything... now you can tweet
drum lessons on Twitter!

Drum Bum

If you haven't seen Drum Bum, you're missing out. Home to one of the largest lesson databases
online, Drum Bum has links to videos, tips and instructional resources of all types and kinds.

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