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Intermediate Drums

Intermediate Drums - Learn all about Intermediate Drums. Awesome resources for playing Intermediate Drums on your drumset. Tons of information on how to drum like a pro including tips and secrets on constructing a drum part, selecting rhythmic approaches, technique, odd times, the drummer's role in a band, drumset orchestration, and creative timekeeping and more.

drum lessons dvd
Colin Bailey: Bass Drum Technique DVD
Speed. Control. Endurance. His legendary book Bass Drum Control has sold over 50,000 copies. Now Colin explains his amazing technique on DVD for the first time. Special Features include a one-on-one interview, a performance with Colin Bailey's trio, and a downloadable e-book.

gospel drum lessons
Ultimate Drum Lessons: Gospel and R&B DVD
Hosted by the “godfather of modern gospel drumming” (Modern Drummer), Jeff “Lo” Davis, this DVD will enhance your understanding and appreciation of the explosive power, feel, excitement, chops and groove that make up modern gospel and R&B drumming.

drum lessons
The Breakbeat Bible Book/CD
The most in-depth study of breakbeat drumming in print! The style is divided into thirteen essential elements, with each element discussed in its own chapter. This drum lessons book holds hundreds of exercises and beats give the reader ample opportunity to practice the elements, which, when assembled, will give the drummer the ability to integrate a complete language of incredibly funky concepts into his or her playing.

intermediate drum lessons book
Pedal Control Drum Book/CD
Renowned educators Dom Famularo and Joe Bergamini have teamed up to bring you a complete method for improving the ability of your feet on the drumset. Unlike many other books, Pedal Control contains extensive information about the actual pedal strokes and techniques used by some of the world’s top drummers, in addition to dozens of exercises that will help you use these techniques. This is a drum lessons book you don't want to miss!

intermediate drum lessons book
Thomas Lang: Creative Control Book/CD
Creative Control is the long-awaited companion book to the award-winning drum lessons DVD of the same name. Lang presents the unique and innovative system that he has used to develop his awesome speed, control, finesse, and coordination – a step-by-step system that will allow you to hone your drumming chops so that you can play more effectively in any style of music.

drum lessons dvd
Thomas Lang: Creative Coordination Book/CD
This book, Creative Coordination & Advanced Foot Technique, is the ultimate guide to the challenging and awe-inspiring world of advanced cutting-edge 21st-century drumming techniques! The drum lessons book details Thomas Lang's extraordinary methodology that will help you take your own creative and technical abilities on the instrument to heights you never dreamed were possible, and in a much shorter time than you ever imagined.

drum lessons
Tommy Igoe: Groove Essentials 2.0 DVD/Book Bundle
The second edition of the best-selling original Groove Essentials features a DVD and companion book/CD package with 53 brand new grooves and over 100 variations for intermediate to advanced players. For more advanced players and professionals, GE 2.0 introduces the concepts of groove construction, interpretation and manipulation - training drummers to think like musicians in order to maximize their full potential. This Groove Essentials bundle is a great tool for drum lessons.

drum lessons
Tommy Igoe: Groove Essentials 2.0 DVD
The second edition of the best-selling original Groove Essentials features a DVD and companion book/CD package with 53 brand new grooves and over 100 variations for intermediate to advanced players. Students will learn the difference between ghost and grace notes (while being encouraged to experiment with both in all six groove “families”) as well as important “go-to” grooves, like the Train and Bo-Diddley beats. This drum lessons book will expand your knowledge of the groove essentials.
intermediate drum lessons book
Universal Rhythms for Drumset Book/CD
Designed to demystify the drummer’s creative process, this workbook-style guide shows how five simple, foundational rhythms can be used to create hundreds of variations. As you work through the lessons in this book, you’ll develop a stronger pulse and a deeper pocket; gain better technical and creative flow; and attain a higher level of musicality in grooves, fills, embellishments, and solos. This drum lessons book is a great addition to any drummer's collection.
intermediate drum lessons
The Language of Drumming DVD by Benny Greb
A revolutionary addition to drum education, this drum lessons DVD presents the method created and used by internationally-acclaimed drummer Benny Greb to develop his awe-inspiring creativity, musicality and technique. Drum teachers and students alike will love the drum lessons this DVD holds.

drum lessons
Groove Essentials Play Along Book/CD
Represents a new-generation play-along drums package and a quantum leap over anything else previously available in this vein with over 6 hours of music, including 47 drum grooves and feels from all over the world – most in two tempos – 88 tracks in all, truly professional sketch charts and incisive text by Tommy Igoe himself. This drum lessons play along book is a great tool for drum teachers.

Famous Drummers Lessons
The Led Zeppelin "Mothership" Drums Book contains drum transcriptions of 24 of Led Zeppelin's most famous songs. This is the must-have book for all fans of Led Zeppelin and the immortal drum work of the legendary John Bonham. This drum book will teach any intermediate drummer a few new lessons.

intermediate drum lessons
The Drummer's Complete Vocabulary Book/CDs
Alan Dawson was a legendary drummer and educator, known for his work with the top artists in jazz as well as for his 18-year association with Berklee College of Music. This new drum text and CD combination was put together by John Ramsay, a prominent drummer in his own right and a former student of Dawson's.

Famous Drummers Lessons
The Rush "2112" Drums Book contains drum transcriptions of 24 of Led Zeppelin's most famous songs. This is the must-have book for all fans of Rush and the popular drum work of Neil Peart. 2112, Rush’s fourth album, is their earliest commercially successful hit and considered to be their first true "classic" album.

drum lessons
The New Breed Book/CD
Gary Chester was one of the busiest studio drummers of the '60s and '70s and played on hundreds of hit records. His systems have been used and endorsed by drummers such as Kenny Aronoff, Danny Gottlieb, and Dave Weckl. This is not just another drum book, but rather a system that will help you develop the skills needed to master today's studio requirements.

drum lessons
Neil Peart - A Work in Progress DVD
Get great drum lessons from Neil Peart! Neil Peart uses the songs from Test for Echo to demonstrate concepts such as constructing a drum part, selecting rhythmic approaches, technique, odd times, the drummer's role in a band, drumset orchestration, and creative timekeeping.

Drumming DVD
Thomas Lang "Creative Control" DVDs
Thomas Lang presents an innovative practice regime and system for helping develop incredible drumset technique. Special DVD Features: Looping function for continuous play, making it easier to absorb and master each one, Bonus live performance footage and live drum solos, transcriptions, and more! 2 DVD Discs.

intermediate drum lessons
Mike Portnoy Progressive Drum Concepts DVD
Mike Portnoy presents a fantastic instructional DVD for intermediate to advanced players. Drum lesson topics on the DVD include: drum set assembly, double-bass techniques, odd time signatures, grooves and phrasing, and more. Also includes a booklet with exercises and transcriptions.

Drumming DVD
Lang "Creative Coordination..." DVD
Thomas Lang breaks down the techniques by beginning slowly and then advancing to more complex and challenging beats. Special Features includes: advanced foot-technique exercises; contemporary coordination matrix; modern playing concepts; 4-color poster; and bonus feature audio commentary track.

Drumming DVD
Complete Modern Drum Set Book
This drum lessons book offers challenging material for the intermediate to advanced drummer. Addressing a multitude of styles, Frank Briggs helps guide your playing to a higher plane while improving your technique and raising your awareness of cutting edge drum concepts track.

Drumming DVD
Double Pedal Metal Play-Along Book / CD
Features the popular Double Pedal Metal drums play-along CD with 14 heavy tracks in the style of Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall), Chris Adler (Lamb Of God), Vinnie Paul (Pantera), Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Mike Wengren (Disturbed) and Dave Lombardo (Slayer), plus an all-new book and free online downloads.

Drumming DVD
Drum Solos Revisited DVD
Featuring 15 of New York City's hottest session and club percussionists laying down solos for congas, bongos, and timbales over five songs that span the Latin music genre. Perfect for any level percussionist, this DVD features beginner, intermediate, and advanced solos.

Drumming DVD
Praise & Worship Drumming Book/CD
If you're interested in playing drumset in a church setting or worship group, this unique book/CD pack is for you. Praise and Worship Drumming by percussionist and teacher Cary Nasatir is a clear and concise guide for the beginning to intermediate drummer and also a must-have for the non-drumming worship leader, music director, and minister of music.

Drumming DVD
Primary Handbook For Snare Drum Book / CD
Learn the proper methods of playing the snare drum with this internationally acclaimed book! This current edition of the Primary Handbook For Snare Drum Book is a book no snare drummer should be without as it contains essential and comprehensive materials vital to beginning and intermediate level drummers.

Drumming DVD
Dave Weckl Play-Along Drum Book / CD
A truly exceptional package allowing the beginner to intermediate drummer to practice with a pre-recorded band. The seven tracks cover a wide range of styles such as straight eighths, sixteenth feel, rock shuffle, rock ballad, Latin, straight-ahead jazz, and rock & roll.
This drum lessons book is a fun way to grow from a beginner to an intermediate drummer.

Drumming CD
The Official Freehand Technique - Johnny Rabb
The Official Freehand Technique is a unique method book showcasing the art of playing rhythms and patterns with a single hand. Many drummers have used similar techniques through out the years, however Johnny Rabb's method is by far the most comprehensive, practical and easy to use.This drum lessons book will improve your drumming in no time!

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Drum Bum's free drum lessons hub features links to beginner and advanced lessons covering Intermediate Drums techniques from the pros. Check it out today. - Drum Lessons

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