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Brushes - Learn all about Brushes. Awesome resources for playing brushes on your drumset. Tons of information, tips and secrets for how to play brushes on the drums. The following books and dvds will cover brush techniques and brush exercises for a wide variety of grooves and rhythm patterns in jazz, blues, hip-hop, Afro-Latin, Brazilian and contemporary pop styles.


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This remarkable three-disc set two drum lesson DVDs and a bonus play-along CD takes a unique look at the art of playing with brushes. Brush masters Billy Hart, Eddie Locke, Joe Morello, Charli Persip, and Ben Riley, join drumming greats, Adam Nussbaum and Steve Smith, as they demonstrate and discuss their distinctive brush styles.

Brushes Lessons
This comprehensive method gives creative drummers of all levels the technical tools and musical insights they'll need to master the art of playing brushes. Jon presents a progressive series of brush techniques and exercises, then his cookin' trio demonstrates a wide variety of grooves and rhythm patterns that display his brush playing.

Brushes Lessons

Far from a simple collection of diagrammed patterns, this in-depth approach to playing brushes focuses on understanding the concepts behind brush playing before proceeding to the patterns and techniques involved.

By presenting the signature brush strokes of such drumming legends as Buddy Rich, Philly Joe Jones, and Elvin Jones, author Jon Hazilla encourages his students to practice and expand their repertoire.

Includes features such as:
  • 10 concepts for good brush playing
  • 32 patterns for ballad, medium- and up-tempo playing
  • Rhythm table exercises for brush dexterity
  • Coordination exercises for time playing
  • Play-along CD with 34 bass grooves tracks

Brushes Lessons
Ed Thigpen, the master of jazz brushes, explains and demonstrates the essential strokes and sounds of the brushes and their applications to different rhythmic patterns and musical forms. Trio performances incorporate the concepts and techniques of brush playing and cover a wide range of musical styles. This drum lessons DVD is a great tool for any drummer who wants to use brushes.

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Drum Bum's free drum lessons hub features links to beginner and advanced lessons covering brush techniques from the pros. Check it out today. - Drum Lessons

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