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Metal Drumming

Metal Drumming - Learn all about Metal Drumming with pro metal drumming lessons. Awesome online drum lessons for playing metal drums on your drumset. Tons of information on how to drum like a professional drummer including drum tips and secrets on how to play metal drums with exercises and routines that aid in building great speed, endurance, and control.

metal drum lessons
This is the first DVD from Niles drummer George Kollias. It starts off with the blast beat, and all the variations. He goes into detail of the exercises and all the different workouts to achieve the speed, power, and technicality that is needed in today's metal drumming. He also goes into double bass technique, explaining the combination of heel-up and heel-down technique he utilizes to get up to 280bpm. This is a great drum lessons DVD no drummer will want to miss.

metal drum lessons
An in-depth look at today's extreme metal drumming styles by one of the genre's emerging leading practitioners, Derek Roddy. This DVD covers extreme styles such as speed metal, grindcore and death metal but is also designed to improve speed, coordination, endurance and independence as well as balance and breathing that are crucial for all styles of drumming. Drummers and teachers alike will learn the history and evolution of this underground playing style that includes drum lessons in bomb blasts, hyper blasts, freehand blasts, traditional blasts and also learning high-speed patterns.

Metal Drumming Lessons
Enter the world of Extreme Metal Drumming through one of the only educational lessons DVDs made just for the genre! This 2 DVD metal drumming set features Flo Mounier, the drummer from the Canadian Speed Metal Band Cryptopsy, discussing the basic foundations for playing speed metal drums. On Disc 1, he illustrates drum lessons, exercises and routines that aid in building speed, endurance, and control for metal drumming.

Metal Drumming Lessons
Master metal drummer Jason Bittner's hardcore drumming is featured in this in-depth look into the awe-inspiring drumming of a modern drum hero. One of the highlights is Jason's presentation of his “Double-Bass Crash Course.” This step-by-step method for developing foot control, power, endurance and speed is explained and demonstrated in detail while foot cameras and split-screen shots augment the instructional material.

Metal Drumming Lessons
Mike Portnoy Liquid Drum Theater DVD - This drum lessons DVD documents Mike Portnoy's innovative drumming in the highly acclaimed fusion / progressive metal music of Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment. He discusses playing metal drumming techniques such as odd-time signatures, developing double bass technique, drum soloing and much more.

Metal Drumming Lessons
Learn the trademark metal drum grooves and drum fills behind one of the most influential metal bands of all time. Backing tracks are included so you can play along with the drum lessons. An in-depth analysis of eight songs: Damage, Inc. • Fight Fire with Fire • Frantic • Hero of the Day • Jump in the Fire • The Memory Remains • The Shortest Straw • Wherever I May Roam.

Metal Drumming Lessons
Mike Portnoy, the drummer for the progressive heavy metal band Dream Theater, presents a fantastic instructional DVD for intermediate to advanced players. Metal Drumming lessons topics include: drum set assembly, double-bass techniques, odd time signatures, grooves and phrasing, and more.

Metal Drumming Lessons
The first ever metal drum lessons method book on Blast Beats explores the world of metal drumming with an in-depth look from extreme metal drummer Derek Roddy. Roddy provides drum lessons and practical insight into such genres of metal such as speed metal, grindcore, and death metal.

Metal Drumming Lessons
Features the popular Double Pedal Metal drums play-along CD with 14 heavy metal tracks in the style of Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall), Chris Adler (Lamb Of God), Vinnie Paul (Pantera), Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Mike Wengren (Disturbed) and Dave Lombardo (Slayer), plus an all-new book and free online downloads. This drum lessons book is a great way to practice your double bass drumming skills.

Metal Drumming Lessons
Never before has there been a PLAY-ALONG for DOUBLE BASS. Now there is! - A practicing drums CD that allows you to play Double Bass Drums with high-energy heavy Metal songs. This CD is not only FUN, it will challenge you to play Double Bass Drums along with the best drummers out there. Play along with power-house heavy Metal songs that feature crunchy chords and pumping bass guitar lines.

Metal Drumming Lessons
John Henry “Bonzo” Bonham was the godfather of hard rock drumming – and he remains an idol to legions of Led Zeppelin and heavy metal fans worldwide. His unmistakable drum patterns are among the most emulated and sampled by today's rock drummers. This book is the first biography focusing on Bonham, providing a detailed track-by-track analysis of his greatest recordings. This drum lessons book will be a great inspiration to any metal drummer.

Metal Drumming Lessons
At long last, the secrets of David Garibaldi's groundbreaking funk/jazz fusion drumming techniques are presented in this innovative drum lessons book and CD. Whether you play rock, heavy metal, jazz or funk, you'll learn to incorporate Garibaldi's contemporary linear drum styles and musical concepts into your playing and develop your own unique drumset vocabulary. Advanced drum lessons.

Metal Drumming Lessons
The Drummer’s Guide to the Genre and the Legends Who Defined It - This must-have guide for drummers provides insight into the history and development of the heavy Metal genre, and explores a dozen legendary drummers that impacted it most. The drum lessons book will lead you through the beats, licks, solos, and grooves that made each artist famous, with insight into their approaches, the gear they used, the bands they played in, and the drummers who influenced them.

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Drum Bum's free drum lessons hub features links to beginner and advanced lessons covering Metal Drumming techniques from the pros. Check it out today. - Drum Lessons

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Popular metal bands include Slipknot, Sepultura, Korn, Faith No More, Children of
Bodom, Pantera, Motley Crue, Fates Warning, Tool, Skid Row, Mayhem, Meshuggah,
Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Judas Priest.

Heavy Metal Drummers

Kai Hahto R. J. Herrera
Shannon Larkin Doug Sampson
Cristiano Mozzati Patrik Jerksten
Stefan Kaufmann Paul Mazurkiewicz
Patrik Jerksten Ed Warby
Pete Sandoval Dave Lombardo
Ron Matthews Tony Laureano
Chris Kontos Raymond Herrera
Jörg Michael Toni Hallio
Fred Estby Nigel Glockler
Tony Kenning Billy Ward
Dan Zimmermann Themis Tolis
David Silveria Brent Smedley
Dirk Verbeuren Tony Scaglione
Toni Hallio Carlos E. Vela
Raymond Herrera
Ben Carter
Herman Rarebell Michel Langevin
Dave Lombardo Amílcar Christófaro
Brian James Fox Eldon Hoke
Greg Gall Tim Alexander
Charlie Benante Abbath Doom Occulta
Toni Hallio Matthieu LeChevalier
Jon Dette Tim Yatras
Sara Lee Lucas Paul Mazurkiewicz
Ron Matthews Alexei Rodriguez
Donald Tardy Stefan Kaufmann
Tony Kenning Eldon Hoke
Dave McClain Matt Sorum
Gar Samuelson Alex Marquez
Jörg Michael Mark Cross
Richard Christy Louie Clemente
Chris Kontos Fritz Randow
Toni Hallio Andrew Haug
Bryan "Brain" Mantia R. J. Herrera
Matt Sicher Alex Marquez
Craig Nunenmacher Shannon Lucas
Cristiano Mozzati Michel Langevin
Tony Laureano Matt "Skitz" Sanders
Matthieu LeChevalier Bryan "Brain" Mantia
Vladimir Ermakoff Steven Adler
David Silveria Dave Haley
Shannon Larkin Csaba Czébely
John Bennett Dave McClain
Mikkey Dee Michel Langevin

More Heavy Metal Bands
Dokken, Children of Bodom, Mötley Crüe, Morbid Angel,
System of a Down, Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Mudvayne, Tool,
Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Symphony X, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir

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