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Reading - Learn all about Reading. Awesome resources for playing Drums on your drumset. Tons of information on how to drum like a professional drummer including tips and secrets on how to play drums by learning how to read and understand music notes and rhythmic patterns.

Reading Lessons
Encyclopedia of Reading Rhythms - A comprehensive guide to: notes, rests, counting, subdividing, time signatures, triplets, ties, dotted notes and rests, cut time, compound time, swing, shuffle, rhythm studies, counting systems, road maps and more! This book offers great drum lessons on reading music.

Easy Drum Chart Book
Easy Drum Chart Book
This helpful organization drum book is a must have for any drummer. The How to Write a Fast & Easy Drum Chart Book is a simple 12 step guide to writing a drum chart for cover and original material.The guide is written for the advanced to professional drummer and composer by industry professional, Liz Ficalora.

Reading Lessons
The Ultimate Drumset Reading Anthology Book/CD
The Ultimate Drumset Reading Anthology Book/CD - This diverse collection of drum charts comes with a CD of accompaniments recorded both with drums for demonstration and without drums for playing along, and includes analysis and drum performance suggestions.

Reading Lessons
Modern Reading Text in 4/4 Book - This book has become a classic in all musicians' libraries for rhythmic analysis and study. Designed to teach syncopation within 4/4 time, the exercises also develop speed and accuracy in sight-reading with uncommon rhythmic figures. This book is a great lessons guide for perfecting your sheet music reading skills.

Reading Lessons
No Reading Required: Easy Rock Drum Beats DVD
Finally, you can learn cool licks, riffs, songs, and grooves in a variety of styles just by watching and doing. When there is no reading required, another world is opened to all of us who love music, want to learn a lot more, but don't have the time for all that standard music notation and theory. This is great drum lessons DVD for drummers who don't like to read.

Reading Lessons
The New Breed Book/CD
Gary Chester was one of the busiest studio drummers of the '60s and '70s and played on hundreds of hit records. By working with this book, you'll improve your reading, concentration, coordination, right and left-hand lead, and awareness of the click. This drum lessons book will have you drumming like a pro in no time.

Reading Lessons
You Can Teach Yourself Drums DVD / Book
The drum lessons in the book are broken down into four major areas: technique which covers stick grip, good habits, sticking, and more; reading which involves how to read basic music notations; writing which teaches creating notations; and application which applies all of the concepts into practical use. This drum lessons book is great for the beginning drummer.

Reading Drum Lessons
Primary Handbook For Snare Drum Book / CD
Learn the proper methods of playing the snare drum with this internationally acclaimed book! Lessons in the book include reading studies, duets, stick control exercises, multiple drum studies, rudiments and student composition assignments. Also, features a play along CD that contains recordings for every exercise. This drum lessons book is a great guide for any new snare drummer.

Reading Lessons
First Lessons Drumset Book/CD/DVD
First Lesson Drumset Book/CD/DVD - Get your first drum lessons from a seasoned drumset pro! First Lessons Drumset is designed to help the student develop basic 3 part coordination skills on the drum set. Learn fundamental reading skills, snare drum technique, and bass drum technique and get started with a solid drumming foundation.

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Drum Bum's free drum lessons hub features links to beginner and advanced lessons covering Reading techniques from the pros. Check it out today. - Drum Lessons

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