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Kettle Drum - Learn all about Kettle Drums. Awesome drum lessons and resources for playing rhythms on drums and drumset. Tons of information on how to play drum patterns on kettle drums and more. Learn drum techniques as it pertains to concert percussion and orchestra drumming.

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Timpani Handbook w/ Play-Along CD
Internationally acclaimed by today's leading teachers, Primary Handbook for Timpani is designed for beginners of any age. This method provides a complete introduction to timpani playing for private drum lessons or classroom use.

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Timpani Drum Lessons - Learn how to play the drums with timpani drum lessons. At this site you'll find drum lessons on drum hand technique, basic rock drumming, a guide to drum and percussion notation, common drumset beats, drum fills, drum solos, grooves and much more.

Drum Bum's free drum lessons hub features free timpani drum lessons as well as lessons for the intermediate and advanced drummer. You can even find free tips on buying a drum, lessons on drum tuning and more.

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